Monday, 4 February 2019

present protein diets

This is a significant aspect in which, the plan of partial or total substitution of foods by protein preparations, based on structured menus, may prefer dietary compliance and ease the agreed weight reduction, more than if the diet is based on the choice of food from the topic himself.

The present protein diets, particularly those based on trainings, are employed in the frame of a multidisciplinary method that's broken up into several phases: stage of ketosis of lesser or greater intensity and length, transition period and food reintroduction and stabilization or upkeep stage.

ketone bodies as an energy

And now let us discuss the ketone bodies. Even though there are lots of cells and organs which work with sugar as well as fatty acids, you will find many others that may not use fatty acids as energy. The most important one, the mind. The simple fact that the brain can't use fatty acids has resulted in the belief it may only utilize sugar, and therefore the myth that the brain needs glucose to operate.

Definitely a misconception, since sugar is a disaccharide composed of a molecule of fructose plus a molecule of sugar, and the mind, if it requires anything, is sugar. Hence that the mind doesn't require sugar. And moreover, the mind itself may utilize ketone bodies as an energy substrate when sugar is reduced.